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Eppendorf centrifuge tubes

Eppendorf centrifuge tubes

12,57£ - 28,11£


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Modified cell culture flasks

Sterile modified cell culture flasks

135,40£ - 158,00£
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Laboratory equipment – ​​laboratory equipment

Every modern laboratory requires appropriate equipment that allows carrying out complex analyzes and tests. Our offer includes high-quality laboratory equipment that meets the highest technological standards. We offer a wide range of laboratory glassware that is essential for precisely measuring and mixing chemical reagents.
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of our products, which are available and offered with the needs of every laboratory in mind. We are confident that our solutions will provide the best support for your research needs.

Safe laboratory equipment

Safety in the laboratory starts with appropriate laboratory equipment. We offer a wide selection of basic equipment and specialized equipment necessary to work in various scientific environments, such as research or pharmaceutical laboratories. Our laboratory centrifuges, autoclaves and spectrophotometers come from renowned manufacturers.
We make sure that our assortment also includes chemical equipment and devices such as incubators, dryers and evaporators that guarantee high efficiency and safety of use. Pipettes, pumps and various types of laboratory equipment made of laboratory plastics are only part of our offer.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and we make every effort to offer products that not only meet the highest standards, but also are adapted to the specific needs of research laboratories.

Comprehensive laboratory equipment

Creating an effective science laboratory requires a comprehensive approach to its equipment. Our offer includes everything necessary to organize a laboratory space - from the most modern devices to carefully thought-out furniture solutions. We offer not only standard equipment, such as microscopes and spectrophotometers, but also specialized tools tailored to the needs of specific research fields, such as molecular biology or chemistry.

Each element of our assortment has been carefully selected to ensure not only functionality, but also the highest safety standards. Additionally, our technical and service support guarantees that any questions or problems will be resolved quickly and effectively. We invite you to cooperate and build a space together that will become a place for scientific discoveries and technological innovations.

Laboratory equipment offer from

Discover the wide range of laboratory equipment available at that will meet the requirements of any modern laboratory. Our range includes everything from precision measuring instruments such as pipettes and spectrophotometers, to essential equipment such as centrifuges and autoclaves. Thanks to its commitment to providing high-quality products, is a leader in the industry, offering not only equipment, but also comprehensive service and advice in selecting the best solutions for your laboratory.

We provide products that meet the latest technological standards that increase the efficiency and safety of scientific work. Our devices are chosen by specialists from various fields, which proves their universality and reliability. is a guarantee of satisfaction and innovation in every laboratory. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and join the group of satisfied customers.