Levo Plus Pipette Filler electronic pipette with charger


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  • Electronic pipette for use with capacity serological aspiration pipettes from 0,1 to 100 ml
  • Eight liquid collection and dispensing speeds are available
  • Large display LCD Provides visual confirmation of battery charge and speed settings
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • The lightweight, ergonomic design allows you to pipette longer without fatigue
  • The efficient lithium-ion battery ensures long operating time on each charge
  • Low battery alarm
  • The powerful motor fills the pipette 25 ml in <5 seconds
  • Supplied with a built-in but replaceable filter 0,45m
  • Can be used while charging
  • Compatible and ideal for working with glass or plastic serological and aspiration pipettes (0.1-100mL)

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Essential equipment for your laboratory

The Levo Plus Pipette Filler automatic pipette is an extremely useful laboratory tool that allows for precise and repeatable collection and transfer of liquids from one container to another. This is particularly important in fields of science and industry where accuracy and repeatability of dosing are required, such as biology, chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, biochemistry and microbiology.

The Levo Plus Pipette Filler automatic pipette consists of two main elements: a controller and a pipette. The controller is equipped with an LCD display that allows you to control the volume of collected fluids, operating mode and battery status. A pipette, on the other hand, contains a suction system that allows fluid to be taken from one container and released into another container. Thanks to this, the device enables precise dosing of even very small amounts of fluids, which is necessary in many laboratory experiments.

Repeatability of results

The Levo Plus Pipette Filler automatic pipette is used in many fields of science and industry where precision and repeatability are key. In biology and medicine, an automatic pipetor is often used to collect samples of blood, urine or other body fluids, which are later subjected to chemical or microbiological analysis. It is also very useful in genetic research, where precise pipetting of fluids is necessary when preparing PCR reactions or DNA sequencing.

In chemistry and pharmacy, the Levo Plus Pipette Filler automatic pipettor is used to prepare solutions, examine the chemical composition of substances, determine concentrations and many other applications. This is especially important when working with toxic substances, where each improperly pipetted drop of liquid may be dangerous.

In microbiology, the Levo Plus Pipette Filler automatic pipettor enables precise pipetting of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, which is necessary when performing cultures or antibiotic sensitivity tests.



  • Levo Plus Pipette Filler is an innovative device that fully facilitates the pipetting process in laboratories and other places where precision and comfort are necessary. It is an automatic pipettor that has been designed to increase work efficiency and accuracy and minimize operator fatigue. One of the main distinguishing features of Levo Plus is its ergonomic design. This pipette is light and comfortable to hold, which makes its maVATulation extremely comfortable, even during long-term use. This allows the operator to focus on precise and accurate pipetting without feeling any discomfort.
  • Another important feature of Levo Plus is its extraordinary precision. Equipped with an advanced measurement system, this pipettor enables accurate and repeatable sample dosing. This means that excellent precision can be achieved even with very small volumes, which is extremely important in many experiments and laboratory tests.
  • Additionally, Levo Plus is equipped with an intuitive control panel that allows easy and quick adjustment of pipetting parameters. The sample feeding speed can be adjusted, allowing for even greater control over the process. Additionally, this pipettor is equipped with an automatic stop function, which eliminates the risk of excessive sample flow.
  • It is also worth mentioning the direct charging function. Levo Plus is equipped with a battery that can be charged directly from the connected USB cable. Thanks to this, the pipetor is always ready for work, and the operator does not have to worry about battery consumption at the most inopportune moment.
  • To sum up, Levo Plus Pipette Filler is a perfect tool for everyone who needs precise and comfortable pipetting. Thanks to its advanced features and functions, this automatic pipettor ensures not only excellent precision, but also comfort and efficiency of work in the laboratory.


  • Storage conditions: room temperature


  • Pipetor Levo Plus Pipette Filler is a unique automatic pipetting tool that has been designed to make laboratory work easier and more efficient. This advanced automatic pipettor offers many benefits and is widely used in various fields of science.
  • One of the main applications of the Levo Plus Pipette Filler is precise liquid dosing. Thanks to its automatic feeding function, it allows for easy and precise filling of pipettes with liquid without the need for tedious and time-consuming pressing and dispensing. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the measurements are accurate and repeatable, which is extremely important in laboratories, where even the smallest errors can have large consequences.
  • Levo Plus Pipette Filler is irreplaceable in the case of repeated pipetting, especially when dealing with a large number of samples. It can be used for pipetting in series, which significantly increases work efficiency and reduces the risk of errors. This allows scientists to save valuable time and focus on other important aspects of their research.
  • Pipetor Levo Plus Pipette Filler is to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Thanks to automatic sample collection and feeding, this pipettor minimizes direct contact of hands with the liquid, which significantly reduces the risk of transferring contaminants and foreign substances. As a result, we obtain more reliable and repeatable results, which is crucial for tests that require high purity and precision.
  • Levo Plus Pipette Filler is also comfortable to use and ergonomic. Thanks to the specially designed handle and controls, it provides users with comfort while working, minimizing hand and wrist fatigue. This is especially important during long-term pipetting, when precision and comfort are key to maintaining accuracy and efficiency.