Self-adhesive foil for PCR Dnase/Rnase and Pyrogen Free


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  • Dedicated to PCR
  • Made of: polyolefin foil + self-adhesive glue
  • Self-adhesive
  • Finished with a strip for easy removal of the foil
  • Leaves no glue residue
  • Prevents evaporation during the PCR reaction
  • Guarantees high tightness
  • Compatible with most tiles made of PE, PS and PP
  • Wide spectrum of applications
  • DMSO resistant
  • Suitable for operation at temperatures from -20oC to +110oC
  • Non-stick to skin and gloves
  • Minimal or no autofluorescence
  • It is placed into bags by machine and remains completely intact during production and packaging
  • High clarity and compatibility
  • High protection against cross-contamination
  • Full automation of production and clean room conditions
  • Certified RNase-, DNase- and Pyrogen free
  • Medical device for In Vitro diagnostics in accordance with Regulation 2017/746 (hereinafter: IVDR)

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Self-Adhesive Film for PCR – Perfect Sample Protection

Our self-adhesive PCR foil is an indispensable tool for laboratories and researchers who need a reliable and hygienic way to cover samples during the PCR reaction. The self-adhesive foil adheres perfectly to the surface, creating tight protection against possible contamination.

Perfect Protection Against Evaporation

The self-adhesive foil not only provides a hygienic barrier, but also excellent protection against evaporation during the PCR reaction. Thanks to this, your samples are safe and do not lose their value during the process. This is crucial to obtain reliable results.

Easy Application and Removal

Self-adhesive PCR foil is easy to apply and remove. It easily adheres to various surfaces, and after the reaction is completed, it can be easily removed, leaving no traces. It is a practical tool that saves time and ensures efficiency.


  • Impermeable foil, medical grade glue.
  • Compatible with most PCR plates.
  • Good sealing properties.


  • Temperature range: Store at room temperature
  • Shelf life: 3 years from production date (make sure the packaging is in good condition)


  • Nest PCR sealing foil can be used with Elisa plates.
  • Nest PCR sealing foil can be used with PCR plates.
  • Perfect for automated systems.


  • Certified RNase-, DNase- and Pyrogen free
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 20417:2021, EN ISO 15223-1:2016, EN ISO 18113-1:2011, EN ISO 14971:2019
  • The in vitro diagnostic medical device complies with Regulation 2017/746 (hereinafter: IVDR)


Sterile: NEVER

  • Certified RNase-, DNase- and Pyrogen free