Guide to advanced automatic pipettes

Automatic pipettes are an extremely useful tool in laboratories and scientific research. They enable precise and repeatable sampling and delivery of various types of liquids. In this guide, we will discuss their uses and benefits in the scientific field.


  1. Introduction to automatic pipettes
  2. Advantages and principle of operation
  3. Choosing the right pipettes
  4. Choosing the right pipette tips
  5. Calibration and maintenance
  6. Safe use
  7. Application in various fields of science
  8. Summation
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Automatic pipette introduction

Automatic pipettes are advanced laboratory devices that enable precise dosing of liquids. They are extremely useful in molecular biology, chemistry, medicine and other scientific fields. Thanks to them, you can perform accurate measurements and repeatable experiments.

Advantages and principle of operation

Automatic pipettes offer many advantages. They ensure precision and repeatability, enabling accurate dosing of liquid volumes. Thanks to them, you save time and reduce the risk of mistakes. Automatic pipettes operate on the principle of pneumatic or electromechanical liquid collection and delivery.

Choosing the right automatic pipettes

Choosing the right ones pipette is an important step in the laboratory process. To make the right choice, you need to consider several key factors.

First, the volume range of pipettes is one of the most important parameters to consider. Depending on the type of experiment and the precision required, it may be necessary to have pipettes with different volume ranges. It is important to choose models that cover your research needs for both small and larger liquid volumes.

Another important factor is dosing accuracy. Pipettes vary in precision, so it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer's specifications regarding measurement precision for a given model. Especially for experiments where precision is key, it is worth choosing pipettes with high dosing accuracy.

Speed ​​of action pipettes may also be important in some cases. If an experiment requires a large number of dispenses or a quick series of samples, it is worth considering automatic pipettes, which are characterized by quick liquid collection and delivery times.

You can't forget about pipette ergonomics. Working in the laboratory can be time-consuming, so comfortable and ergonomic pipettes can significantly improve the comfort of work. It is worth paying attention to elements such as the profiled handle, lightweight design and intuitive control, which make it easier to use the pipettes for a long time.

The final selection of appropriate pipettes should be preceded by careful reading opinions of other scientists and guides available in scientific literature. In addition, the store offers a wide selection of automatic pipettes from various manufacturers, which allows you to compare and choose a model that meets your individual needs and requirements.

If you have any doubts or need additional assistance, contact the store's technical advice team is ready to provide professional advice. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, they will be able to help you make the optimal choice, taking into account the specific purpose of the experiment and the laboratory budget.


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Choosing the right tips for automatic pipettes

The right choice pipette tips is extremely important. Tips should be compatible with a given pipette model, ensuring certainty and precision dosing. It is worth using a trusted supplier, such as the store, which offers a wide selection of high-quality automatic pipette tips. Their assortment includes tips of various capacities and materials, such as polypropylene and polystyrene. This allows you to tailor the tips to your specific needs and experiment requirements.

When selecting pipette tips it is also recommended to take into account factors such as chemical resistance, seal reliability and the possibility of easy assembly and disassembly. It is important that the tips are easy to use and meet laboratory hygiene and safety expectations.

Pipette tips, which can be found at the store, provides the highest quality products that meet laboratory standards. Our pipette tips are characterized by precision and perfect fit, which translates into accuracy and repeatability of liquid dispensing. Additionally, a shop also offers other necessary laboratory accessories, such as test tubes, microplates and mounting pins.

Pipette calibration and maintenance

To ensure precision of operation automatic pipettes, regular calibration and maintenance are necessary. Calibration should be performed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Maintenance includes cleaning, disinfection and replacement of consumable parts.

Safe use

When using pipettes, follow safety rules. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves and safety glasses. It is also important to read the user manual carefully and follow its recommendations.

Automatic pipette with tips

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Application in various fields of science

Automatic pipettes are used in many fields of science, such as molecular biology, genetics, analytical chemistry, medicine and pharmacy. They are necessary when performing various experiments and research, enabling precise measurements and dosing of substances.

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Automatic pipettes are irreplaceable tools in scientific laboratories. Their advantages, such as precision, repeatability and time saving, make them indispensable when performing experiments and research. It is worth carefully selecting automatic pipettes for specific needs, calibrating and maintaining them regularly. The future of automatic pipettes brings new innovations and possibilities.


Automatic pipettes offer precision, repeatability, time savings and ease of use.

When selecting pipettes, the volume range, dosing accuracy and speed of operation should be taken into account.

Regular calibration is recommended according to the manufacturer's instructions.