Unmodified cell culture flasks from the reliable NEST Scientific Biotechnology brand

Sterile unmodified cell culture bottles from NEST Scientific Biotechnology are an excellent choice for professionals involved in biological research. These high-quality bottles are specially designed to provide optimal conditions for cell growth and reproduction. Nest Scientific Biotechnology bottles are made of high-quality plastic that is free of surfactants, which minimizes the risk of interactions between cells and the bottle surface. This provides a clean and uncontaminated cell culture environment, which is crucial for cell integrity and functionality. These bottles are versatile and suitable for culturing various types of cells, including animal cells, bacteria, fungi or plants. This makes them a popular choice in research laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


The highest quality product

The crack resistance and reinforced walls of the bottles guarantee safe storage and transport of cellular samples. The bottles also have a precisely profiled shape, which facilitates the mixing of culture media and reduces the risk of sample loss. Thanks to the sterility, Nest Scientific Biotechnology bottles are ready for use immediately after removing from the packaging. Each bottle is individually packed, which additionally ensures its purity and protects against contamination. By choosing unmodified cell culture bottles from Nest Scientific Biotechnology, you can be sure that you are receiving the highest quality products that meet rigorous standards in the field of biological research. These are reliable tools that support your research and provide optimal conditions for cell growth and development in the laboratory. The bottles are available in various sizes, which allows you to adjust their capacity to a specific number of cells or amount of culture medium.

What do we use unmodified cell culture bottles for?

Untreated cell culture bottles, also known as non-treated cell culture bottles, are a key tool in biological laboratories for growing various cell types, including adherent cells and primary cell cultures. These culture bottles do not have a special coating to promote cell adhesion, making them an ideal choice for specific applications such as culturing non-adherent cells. Sterile bottles with filter caps or ventilated caps ensure safe and hygienic conditions for cell culture, while enabling gas exchange necessary for cell growth. The use of unmodified culture bottles allows researchers to precisely control experimental conditions, which is particularly important when working with primary cell cultures and adherent cultures. Therefore, these tools are essential in laboratories dealing with cell biology and cell research.

Unmodified cell culture bottles from GENOPLAST

In the field of biological and biotechnological research, unmodified cell culture bottles from GENOPLAST are an essential element of laboratory equipment, enabling effective operation cell culture. These breeding bottles, made of high-quality materials, provide an ideal environment for cell growth, including both adherent cells and cells in suspension. Sterile bottles GENOPLAST are available with different types of caps, including filter caps and vented caps, which enable optimization of gas exchange necessary for healthy cell development. Featuring a unique unmodified surface, these bottles are especially recommended for the cultivation of primary cells and cell lines that require delicate culture conditions. The use of the non-treated bottle in adherent culture and other research applications provides scientists with reliable and effective tools to conduct advanced experiments while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and sterility.