The use of falcon tubes in laboratories: An innovative solution for researchers

Have you ever wondered how researchers conduct their experiments in laboratories? One of the key tools that enable them to carry out their research with precision are falcon centrifuge tubes. In this article, we will look at the use of centrifuge tubes in laboratories and find out why they are indispensable for scientists around the world.

15ml Falcon Googlab centrifuge tubes

The use of Falcon tubes in laboratories: Basic information

What are falcon tubes?

These are special laboratory vessels used to store, mix and transport biological samples. They are made of high-quality plastic that is resistant to chemicals and mechanical damage. They come in various sizes. 15ml and 50ml test tubes are available at the store.

What are the advantages of 15ml and 50ml tubes?

Centrifuge tubes have many advantages that make them irreplaceable in laboratories. Here are a few of them:

  1. Sterility: They are available in a sterile version, which is crucial in laboratory research. This helps to avoid sample contamination and to obtain reliable experimental results.
  2. Resistant to high centrifugal forces: Designed to withstand the high centrifugal forces generated during sample centrifugation. This is especially important in procedures such as DNA purification or cell separation.
  3. Easy to read: They have clear capacity markings, which facilitates precise measurement and dosing of chemicals.
  4. Leak protection: They have tight lids that prevent chemical leakage and minimize the risk of contamination of the laboratory environment.

The use of falcon tubes in laboratories

Storage of biological samples

Falcons are often used to store biological samples such as blood, serum or cell solutions. Their sterility and tightness ensure protection of samples against contamination and loss of biological activity. An example of a reputable brand offering high-quality falcons is Google. Their products are available for purchase on the site

Mixing and incubation

Due to their design and strength, the falcons are ideal for mixing different chemicals and incubating samples. Manufacturers, just like the brand Nest, offer innovative falcons with unique features that facilitate mixing and incubation processes in laboratories.

Moving and transporting samples

Transporting biological samples is extremely important to maintain their integrity and avoid data loss. Falcons ensure safe handling of samples, thanks to which researchers can transport research materials with confidence. An example of a brand that offers falcons for transport is biologixwhose products can be found on the site

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Falcon centrifuge tubes

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The use of falcons in laboratories: Questions and answers

In addition to the standard falcons, many additional accessories are also available. These include special racks for falcons, trays with refrigerators for storing falcons and overlays for falcons for incubation at a controlled temperature.

In most cases, the falcons are intended for single use, due to the sterility of the samples. After use, they must be properly disposed of and replaced with new falcons.

Answer: Yes, Falcons are usually compatible with other laboratory equipment such as centrifuges, incubators and automatic pipettes. Before use, however, it is worth checking the technical specifications and manufacturer's recommendations.

In addition to the previously mentioned brands Googlab, Nest and Biologix, there are many other reputable brands offering falcons. They include e.g. Eppendorf, Sarstedt or Corning. Before buying, it is worth getting acquainted with the various options available on the market and choosing the right brand and model of falcons for your specific laboratory needs.


Falcon centrifuge tubes are an integral part of the work of researchers and scientists around the world. Their various applications, durability and safety make them irreplaceable in laboratories. That is why brands such as Googlab, Nest and Biologix offer high-quality centrifuge tubes that can be purchased at providing researchers with effective tools to conduct their research.