CryoKing is your center for cryogenic technology solutions.

CryoKing Biologix includes a variety of products that provide unmatched quality and performance. Why is it worth choosing products from this brand? A sub-brand of Biologix Group Limited - CryoKing specializes in the production of cryogenic items. Its offer includes, for example, cryogenic vials of various volumes and universal cryogenic containers. CryoKING is an innovative solution in the field of sample storage at low temperatures. It is an advanced system that enables long-term storage of biological materials, such as cells, tissues, viruses and biomarkers, under controlled low-temperature conditions.

Cryogenic Violets of Various Volumes

In the world of science and medicine, precise and safe storage of biological samples is crucial. This is where they enter the arena cryogenic violetsthat guarantee the protection and stability of stored materials. Available in a variety of capacities, these specialized containers give scientists and lab technicians full control over their valuable samples. The brand's products stand out among them Cryoking, which are synonymous with quality and reliability.

Cryogenic violets CryoKing offer variety not only in size, but also in design, with versions with external and internal threads. This feature provides additional tightness and safety, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. Moreover, cryogenic violets are sterile, which further increases the level of storage safety.

For the organization and identification of samples, coded cryogenic violets are irreplaceable. They allow you to easily manage your sample collection, providing quick access to the information you need. This makes laboratory processes more efficient and less error-prone.

The mentioned SBS cryogenic violets are the next level of innovation, adapted to SBS standards, which facilitates the automation of storage and sample maVATulation in modern storage systems.

To sum up, cryogenic violets are the foundation for effective and safe storage of biological samples. Thanks to the variety of capacities and advanced technological solutions that CryoKing offers, laboratories around the world can rely on these reliable tools to protect their valuable biological resources.

Universal Cryogenic Boxes

CryoKing brand cryogenic boxes they are reliable and provide optimal storage conditions. Be sure your samples are safe. A huge selection of cardboard, plastic, polycarbonate and polypropylene boxes in various colors!

Custom Types of Freezing Racks

Our range of freezing racks is tailored to your individual needs. Convenient sample storage has never been easier! In our store we offer a wide range laboratory plastics and equipment - Look here

Barcode Scanners

Our advanced barcode scanners help you track and manage samples efficiently. Save time and minimize errors.

CryoKing is not just products, it is solutions that change the way you conduct your research and store valuable samples. Our offer is complete and includes everything you need in the field of cryogenic technologies. Thanks to us, your work becomes more effective and your samples are fully secured.