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In the genetics category, we offer a wide selection of products that will help you conduct effective analyzes and experiments. The key products in this field include, for example, Deep Well tiles presented in the described category. They are an irreplaceable tool in laboratories and research centers around the world. Laboratory technicians, scientists and researchers use them every day. That's why they couldn't be missing from our assortment.

What are Deep Well tiles? And what is worth knowing about them?

Deep Well are laboratory plates with a special design. They are characterized by deep wells with a larger capacity compared to standard plates used for micropipetting. These types of plates are designed specifically for storing, mixing and preparing samples in larger volumes. They are equipped with deep wells that enable safe and convenient maVATulation of samples. And also precise dosing of reagents. This type of construction makes them very comfortable to use. They can be easily maVATulated, which contributes not only to better efficiency, but also to greater job satisfaction.

Where can Deep Well tiles be used?

Deep Well plates are particularly useful in various types of genetic applications. Among others, DNA isolation, PCR reactions, preparation of genomic libraries and cell cultures. They are also useful when using other genetic maVATulation techniques. They ensure high efficiency and repeatability of results. And as you are probably well aware, this is extremely important in genetic research. This is one of the reasons why we try to ensure that the Deep Well tiles available from us are made of high-quality materials and meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Deep Well plates available in the GenoPlast store – choose accessories that will help you conduct tests

The tiles available in our online store are made of certified, pure PP medical polypropylene. This material is characterized by very good chemical resistance to mild organic solvents and alcohols. Their undoubted advantage is high protection against cross-contamination, which guarantees, among others, compliance with the ISO9001:2015, ISO13485 and ISO11137 standards. Depending on the type of tiles you choose, you may find, for example, ones marked alphanumerically. This increases the ease of sample identification, which in turn increases work efficiency. The presented plates are compatible with automatic DNA extraction equipment. What's more, they are designed to make work easier. The tiles are made of high-quality plastic, resistant to chemicals and temperature. This guarantees safety and reliability when working in the laboratory. We offer a variety of capacities and plate configurations to accommodate different research needs and protocols.

High-quality Deep Well tiles at a competitive price and with quick order fulfillment

By choosing Deep Well tiles from our Genetics category, you can be sure that you are receiving the highest quality products. Those that meet your highest expectations. A team of specialists ensures that our offer is comprehensive, up-to-date and in line with the latest standards in the field of genetics.

Prepare for effective genetic testing by using Deep Well plates available in our store. Thanks to them, you will be able to conduct experiments in larger volumes. At the same time, increasing the efficiency and precision of your analyses. Join our scientific community and be inspired by the potential of genetics to unlock the mysteries of life and develop new discoveries. Get your orders delivered quickly and hassle-free. Don't worry about damaging your packages, as we take care to properly protect the shipped accessories.

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