Laboratory shaker, Wortex


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  • Worteks is a personal shaker perfect for various applications from from gentle mixing to vigorous hanging biological and chemical components in liquids
  • It is widely used in life sciences and physical and chemical analysis.
  • Speed ​​range from 0-2500rpm/min
  • Aluminum base
  • Orbital mixing motion
  • Stepless speed control settings
  • Touch and continuous operation settings
  • The die-cast aluminum base and specially designed vacuum suction feet ensure the stability of the mixer
  • Various adapters and accessories available for use with different tube sizes (sold separately)
  • Adapters are mounted with a "click"
  • Strong and durable housing
  • Special silicone feet and a steel base protect against vibrations
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Wortex Laboratory Shaker – Precise and Effective Mixing!

Our Wortex laboratory shaker is a tool that ensures perfect sample mixture in a short time. Thanks to its advanced vibration mechanism, it effectively homogenizes various substances, achieving uniform results. Gain confidence and speed in your research with Wortex.

Precise Settings and Control

Laboratory tests require precision and control over processes, which is why good testing is important laboratory equipment. Our Wortex shaker allows for precise mixing speed and time settings, adapting to different sample types. No matter how complex the process, you will get accurate results with minimal effort.

Durable Construction for Long Lasting Use

Our Wortex shaker is designed for long-term use. Durable construction and solid materials guarantee reliability and performance through many tests. Save time and energy by investing in a tool that will meet the needs of every laboratory. It is used for a variety of mixing applications with optional adapters, and specially designed vacuum suction cups ensure the stability of the device and prevent device movement. Precise settings and durable construction for professional testing. Check it out now and achieve consistent results!