3ml Pasteur pipettes with scale packed in a bag


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  • Pipette capacity: 3 ml
  • Non-sterile version
  • Bulk packed
  • Made of PE polyethylene, which ensures that the pipette does not fray or break
  • 100% virgin PE with high transparency
  • They have a clear scale
  • They have a high level of chemical resistance
  • Designed for use with mini tanks and vessels of various shapes
  • They are perfect for transportation and mixing a precise amount of liquid
  • Dedicated to collecting and measuring liquids
  • Proper design ensures efficient use
  • Full automation of production and clean room conditions
  • High protection against cross-contamination
  • Medical device for In Vitro diagnostics compliant with Regulation 2017/746 (hereinafter: IVDR))

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Googlab Scientific Pasteur pipettes – Precision and Convenience in One

Our Googlab Scientific Pasteur pipettes are an irreplaceable tool for professionals and laboratory enthusiasts. Designed for excellent precision, they allow precise transfer and dosing of liquids. Regardless of the type of sample or amount of liquid, Pasteur pipettes ensure reliable and accurate results. The Pasteur pipette offered by Googlab Scientific is the quintessence of accuracy in the maVATulation of small volumes of fluids, which is extremely important in advanced biotechnology laboratories. The availability of the Pasteur pipette in the 3ml variant allows for the precise transfer of fluids with volumes typically measured in several milliliters, which makes it extremely versatile in everyday scientific work.

Intuitive Use and Ergonomic Design

Pasteur pipettes are not only functional, but also convenient to use. Their ergonomic design guarantees comfortable work even for a long time. The intuitive mechanism allows for easy and precise dosing, which translates into efficiency and time savings in the laboratory. Ergonomics and comfort of use are key elements of the design of the Pasteur pipette from Googlab Scientific, which ensures unrivaled comfort of use even during long laboratory sessions. The use of the highest quality materials in production guarantees the durability of the pipette and its resistance to chemicals and wear, thus raising the standards of reliability of laboratory equipment. The innovative volume control mechanism allows you to easily and precisely change the amount of fluid moved, allowing you to precisely tailor it to your specific experimental needs. Additionally, the advanced pipette design minimizes the risk of cross-contamination between samples, which is key to maintaining high-quality test results in biotechnology laboratories.

Multitasking and compliance with standards and norms

With a variety of sizes available, Pasteur pipettes are the ideal tool for many applications. From small laboratory work to precise chemical dosing, these pipettes are perfect for every situation. The multitude of possibilities makes them invaluable support in everyday work. Pasteur pipettes 3 ml by Googlab are a professional tool for precise sample transfer. With a colorless, embossed scale for easy observation. The Pasteur pipette's compliance with applicable norms and standards for laboratory equipment highlights its technological advancement and adaptation to a demanding work environment, constituting an irreplaceable tool for every professional in the field of biotechnology.


  • 3 ml Pasteur pipettes are transparent, which facilitates precise dosing and observation of liquids. Thanks to their flexibility, they can be easily compressed, which allows for gentle and controlled aspiration or dispensation of fluids. This feature is especially important when working with valuable or hazardous substances, where precision and caution are key.
  • The non-sterility of 3 ml Pasteur pipettes suggests that they are intended for applications where sterility is not required, which may include the transfer of organic solvents or other chemicals that themselves ensure sterility, or in cases where the pipette will later be sterilized before use. This makes them a more economical option for laboratories that need large quantities of pipettes and can manage their sterility themselves.
  • Their single-use nature ensures that the risk of cross-contamination is minimized, which is extremely important in a laboratory environment where cleanliness and accuracy are crucial. The ability to use a new, clean pipette for each operation ensures high reliability of results.


  • Temperature range: room
  • Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture (make sure the packaging is in good condition)


  • 3 ml non-sterile Pasteur pipettes are ideal for transferring liquids where sterility is not required, making them an invaluable tool in experiments that do not require strict control of aseptic conditions. They are used to carry out routine work, such as screening samples, dosing chemical reagents, or collecting and transferring cultures of bacteria and other microorganisms in conditions where the risk of contamination does not significantly affect the experiment result.
  • The advantage of Pasteur pipettes is their simplicity and versatility. Made of plastic, they can be easily used with one hand, allowing for quick and efficient maVATulation of liquids. Their design enables precise dosing of small amounts of fluid with minimal risk of cross-contamination, which is crucial in many laboratories.
  • Non-sterile Pasteur pipettes are often an economical choice for laboratories that need large quantities of these types of tools but cannot incur the high costs associated with purchasing and disposing of disposable sterile equipment. They are easy to use and can be reused in some applications, helping to reduce laboratory waste.
  • In an educational context, 3 ml non-sterile Pasteur pipettes provide students with valuable hands-on experience by teaching them fluid transfer techniques and introducing them to basic laboratory procedures. They are an important tool in the education of future scientists and technicians, preparing them to work in more complex laboratory conditions.
  • As a result, although simple in their design, non-sterile 3 ml Pasteur pipettes are an invaluable element of every laboratory equipment. Their versatility, cost-effectiveness and ease of use make them an indispensable tool in a wide range of research and educational activities, contributing to the progress of science and education.