MicroPette Plus automatic multi-channel pipette, autoclavable



  • Multichannel pipettes
  • Pipettes variable capacitance
  • They have a clear display
  • They are made completely mechanical
  • They are fully autoclavable
  • They are light, ergonomic, and ensure comfortable long-term use
  • Adapted to the shape of the hand, comfortable operation with one hand
  • They have a clear digital display that allows you to easily read the volume
  • They do not require much force to remove the ends
  • Easy to calibrate and maintain
  • Individual piston and end cone assemblies allow for easy repair and maintenance
  • Made of innovative material
  • Efficient pipetting of eight samples simultaneously
  • Perfect for use with 96-well plates
  • The dispensing head rotates 360° for optimal pipetting convenience
  • Calibrated according to ISO8655
  • Compatible with most standard tips
  • We recommend purchasing pipette stand 01-2306
  • Each pipette is delivered with an individual inspection certificate
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Automatic pipette with tipsSKU: 01-2801Capacity: 0.5-10μlμL increment: 0,1Price: 321,49£
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Automatic pipette with tipsSKU: 01-2805Capacity: 5-50μlμL increment: 0,5Price: 321,49£
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Automatic pipette with tipsSKU: 01-2830Capacity: 50-300μlμL increment: 5Price: 321,49£
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Automatic multi-channel pipette – Biologix Group Limited!

The automatic multi-channel pipette is characterized by a modern and ergonomic design, which makes it not only functional, but also aesthetic. Solid construction and high-quality materials used in their production ensure long-term durability and reliability, which is extremely important in difficult laboratory conditions.

MicroPette Plus is a series of automatic multi-channel pipettes from Biologix Group Limited, which are an extremely useful tool in laboratories, scientific research and various fields of biology. Designed with precision, comfort and reliability in mind, these pipettes meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Multi-channel functionality!

The functionality of these pipettes is an invaluable feature that allows simultaneous sampling from multiple sources, which significantly speeds up pipetting processes and minimizes errors. Available in a variety of channel configurations, MicroPette Plus automatic multi-channel pipettes allow simultaneous dispensing of 8 to 12 or more samples, depending on the model.

Accuracy is extremely important in the laboratory, and MicroPette Plus automatic multi-channel pipettes ensure high precision when collecting and dispensing liquids. The pressing mechanism is smooth and accurate, and the calibration system allows for precise adjustment of the volume to individual needs. The integrated air protection system minimizes the risk of sample contamination.

Discover the convenience of use!

Our automatic multi-channel pipette has additional functions, such as a convenient and intuitive volume adjustment system, ergonomic handle and ergonomically shaped keys, ensuring comfort of using MicroPette Plus pipettes even during long-term and repetitive pipetting. The possibility of easy tip replacement and simple cleaning make these pipettes extremely practical and hygienic in everyday laboratory work.

All these features make the MicroPette Plus automatic multi-channel pipettes from Biologix Group Limited indispensable tools for professionals in the laboratory. Their advanced technology, reliability and precision make them an indispensable element of equipment for anyone who strives to achieve excellent results and effective laboratory work.


  • MicroPette Plus are innovative and advanced automatic multi-channel pipettes that offer unrivaled precision and convenience when maVATulating liquids in the laboratory. They have many features that make them extremely functional and effective tools.
  • The first feature that attracts attention is their elegant and ergonomic design. MicroPette Plus pipettes have been designed to provide the user with maximum comfort while working. Their light construction and well-balanced shape enable a secure and stable grip, which is particularly important during long-term sample maVATulation.
  • Another important feature is the measurement precision that you can expect from these pipettes. The use of an advanced piston system and high-quality materials makes MicroPette Plus pipettes ensure reliable and accurate liquid dosing. This makes it possible to precisely collect and release samples, which is necessary in many experiments and analyses.
  • Additionally, MicroPette Plus pipettes are equipped with an advanced volume control system that allows easy and precise setting of the desired liquid volume. Thanks to this, you can conveniently adapt the pipette to the specific needs and requirements of the experiment, which increases the efficiency and accuracy of work.
  • It is also important to note that MicroPette Plus pipettes are multi-channel. This means that multiple samples can be collected or dispensed simultaneously in one movement, significantly reducing maVATulation time and increasing productivity. This is especially useful when analyzing larger numbers of samples when time is a key factor.
  • MicroPette Plus pipettes are easy to use and maintain. They have a simple design that allows for quick and easy tip replacement and cleaning. They are also resistant to chemicals, which makes them durable and long-lasting.


  • Multi-channel automatic pipettes, such as the MicroPette Plus, are extremely useful laboratory tools that enable precise and efficient performance of multiple pipetting operations simultaneously. They are often used in a variety of scientific fields such as molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, medicine and many others.
  • MicroPette Plus is an innovative device that allows you to simultaneously collect samples from several sources or transfer fluids to multiple locations on a plate or other laboratory vessels. Multichannel pipettes provide significant time savings and minimize errors that may occur during manual pipetting. This increases the efficiency and accuracy of experiments.
  • The applications of MicroPette Plus are wide and varied. It can be used to pipette samples into microplates, PCR plates, DNA sequencing plates, cell culture dishes, microbiology dishes, as well as for a variety of other pipetting tasks in the laboratory. Thanks to its ability to maVATulate multiple samples simultaneously, the multi-channel pipette is an indispensable tool when performing multiple readings or reactions simultaneously.
  • An important feature of automatic multi-channel pipettes, such as MicroPette Plus, is the ability to precisely regulate the volume of the collected sample. This enables precise dosing of various volumes, which is important when carrying out chemical reactions, preparing solutions or receiving various samples for analysis.
  • Additionally, automatic multi-channel pipettes are often equipped with features such as disposable tips that minimize the risk of contamination between samples, and programmable features that enable automation of pipetting processes and increase the precision and repeatability of results.


  • Calibrated according to ISO 8655, and each pipette has an individual test certificate.
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO8655-2:2002, ISO8655-6:2002, ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2003.


  • MicroPette Plus single-channel pipettes are fully autoclavable without any special preparation. It is recommended to autoclave at a temperature of 121°C and a pressure of 1 atm for 20 minutes. After autoclaving, allow the pipette to cool and dry for 12 hours, then check its performance and recalibrate if necessary. For best performance, lubricate the pipette plunger and seal after every 10 autoclaving cycles.



  • MicroPette Plus single-channel automatic pipettes are compatible with all pipette tips offered in the Genoplast store, i.e. tips with and without filter Googlab Professional Line Tips, Biologix Group Limited and Nest Scientific Biotechnology.
  • MicroPette Plus single-channel automatic pipettes are also compatible with most available tips.