Magnetic stirrer, with heating


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  • This ultra-slim magnetic stirrer is easy to carry and saves valuable space, making it a great addition to any laboratory
  • Digital control system
  • Clear LED display
  • Mixing speed range: 100-1500 rpm
  • Temperature range: room temperature. – 280°C
  • Fast heating times
  • The ABS housing is fireproof and resistant to weak acids and alkalis
  • The ceramic-coated stainless steel hob is chemically resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Safety function: HOT warning indicator is displayed at temperatures of 50°C and above
  • Safety function: heating stops automatically if the temperature of the heating plate exceeds 320°C

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Magnetic stirrer, with heatingSKU: 01-3104Voltage V: 240Frequency [Hz]: 50Speed: XPrice: 308,67£
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Magnetic stirrer with heating - Precise Mixing and Controlled Heating in One Device!

Our heated magnetic stirrer is an advanced tool that enables precise mixing of samples in combination with controlled heating. Using a magnetic impeller, we ensure even and effective mixing, while heating the substances to the desired temperature.

Guaranteed Process Control and Research Efficiency!

Laboratory tests require precise process control. Our magnetic stirrer allows for precise settings of mixing speed and heating temperature. It is an irreplaceable tool that maximizes research efficiency and ensures reliable results.

Durable Construction and Safety in the Laboratory!

Durability and safety are key aspects in the laboratory. Our magnetic stirrer has been designed for long-term use and safety during operation. Solid construction and advanced features allow you to focus on your research. The mounting plate is made of chemically resistant materials, which allows you to work calmly - you can be sure of the reliability of the device.

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