Drosophila Plugs


257,18£ - 334,41£

  • Made of high density foam
  • They provide high protection and protect test tubes against overflowing and evaporation
  • Can be used repeatedly
  • Fits Drosophila vials and bottles from Biologix Group Limited
  • Compliance with standards: Our products meet the highest quality standards and comply with regulations regarding the breeding of fruit flies.
  • In vitro diagnostic medical device compliant with Annex III of In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (98/79/EC) (hereinafter: IVDD)
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PictureSKUDedicated toFit forSterilepcs/packPriceQuantityMagazineCart
SKU: 51-17725Dedicated to: TBUThey fit to: Plastic bottles with a capacity of 177mlSterile: Nopcs/pack: 10x100pcs. /1000pcs.Price: 334,41£
Warehouse: On Request
SKU: 51-0805Dedicated to: TBUThey fit to: Wide plastic vialsSterile: Nopcs/pack: 10x100pcs. /1000pcs.Price: 282,92£
Warehouse: On Request
SKU: 51-0505Dedicated to: TBUThey fit to: Narrow plastic vialsSterile: Nopcs/pack: 10x100pcs. /1000pcs.Price: 257,18£
Warehouse: On Request