Precise cryotube scanner – Modern Technology for Precise Control of Your Samples!

Our precision cryotube scanner is a key tool that gives you full control over your samples. Thanks to advanced scanning technology, you can accurately track the location and condition of stored samples. Regardless of the type of samples, our scanner will give you confidence and control.

Efficiency and Precision – Precise scanner at Genoplast!

Laboratory tests require efficiency and precision. Our cryotube scanner combines both. Fast scanning and accurate readings save time and avoid errors. Focus on the results and our scanner will ensure the correctness of the analyses.

Modern Technology in Your Laboratory

Discover the future of sample analysis with our precision scanner. The use of modern technology allows for the automation of the sample control process, which translates into greater efficiency of laboratory work. Stay one step ahead with our innovative scanner.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Our cryotube scanner is designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. Intuitive functions and ergonomic design make work a pleasure and biological analysis even more effective.