Our company GenoPlast Biochemicals SA

is a renowned supplier of innovative plastic consumables suitable for scientific research and diagnostic analyses, which can be widely used in cell culture, molecular biology, immunological tests, in microbiology and biochemistry in medical facilities, in the scientific research and commercial sectors.

GenoPlast Biotech SA - Logo

Genoplast is a family biotechnology company

A recognizable brand in the medical industry, based on Polish capital, created by a married couple with passion for their work, Tomasz and Małgorzata Schroder.

We are a commercial and production company whose aspiration is to launch innovative scientific research. We were created out of love for learning, hard work and great commitment of the people we work with.

Our offer includes products of renowned international brands, which were created in accordance with global requirements. We are the most important partner and representative in Europe for companies: Nest Scientific Biotechnology, Biologix Group Limited, CryoKING, tech star and Googlelab Scientific.

Professional laboratory plastics Googlab Line

This is our spectacular achievement, our own line of selected sterile laboratory plastics with a characteristic pink fuchsia color, made of the best quality materials and super clean certified medical polypropylene.

Googlab Line professional laboratory plastics are a group of products distinguished by quality, precision, sterility, compatibility with laboratory devices and operational efficiency.

These are products that in their categories present tips with and without a Low Retention filter, 5ml, 15ml and 50ml centrifuge tubes and PES syringe filters. These also include deep-freezing cryotubes and broad-spectrum growth bottles for cell cultures and serological pipettes.

These are also PCR plastics that are highly compatible with thermal cyclers. And all these products were created in cooperation with our partners in the field of science and trade in modern science and production parks, while maintaining international standards, expectations and certificates.

At GenoPlast Biotech SA we want to get to know your needs!

Thanks to a thorough analysis of the products we offer to our customers, we are sure that we provide you with the best quality at a reasonable price. Our undeniable advantage is that our team consists only of professionals and scientists.

Our representatives can go to the place indicated by you, so we will be able to take care of you until you achieve the expected end result in the form of a satisfactory purchase. Our ideas form the basis of the way we operate and oblige us to respect our clients. We are convinced that a company's responsibility does not end when it crosses its threshold. And that is why our standards are also a way of assessing our partners.

In dialogue with our clients, we want to spread the belief that lasting economic success can only be achieved by a company that bases its business on values ​​and integrity. In fact, you, as our business partners, have the greatest share in our success. The commitment of our customers significantly contributes to our ability to realize our visions and offer our customers fascinating products and excellent solutions.


We stand together for our community

Our company aims not only to provide high-quality products, but also creating positive impact on our surroundings. We believe that cooperation and commitment are crucial to building a strong and sustainable community.

Because we actively support local initiatives, educational institutions and scientific organizations. We work to develop science, promote education and support research projects and talent development in our region.

XXX International Symposium Molecular and Physiological Aspects of Regulatory Processes in the Organism

We were honored to be a sponsor of the “XXX International Symposium Molecular and Physiological Aspects of Regulatory Processes in the Organism​”, which took place in Krakow on October 14. We are proud to support this important scientific event that contributes to the development of knowledge and research in the field of molecular biology and the physiology of organisms. Our company is committed to promoting innovative solutions and supporting progress in the field of biomedical sciences.

Genoplast supports the Kindergarten in Przylesie in the "Got Talent" Competition

At Genoplast, we believe in developing the potential of children and young people, which is why we are happy to support this event that promotes the creativity and courage of our preschoolers. Every child has something unique to show, and we try to create the right space for them to express their talent. We are proud to be able to provide materials for this competition to ensure everything runs smoothly and as expected. Our company always supports local initiatives that support community development and children's education.

“Night of Scientists” event, ICHB PAN and PSNC

We are glad that we could support the "Night of Scientists" event organized by ICHB PAN in Poznań and the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center! Genoplast provided laboratory plastics for DNA testing, such as: Filter tips, Eppendorfs, Test tubes, and Large test tubes. We are excited to be part of this event inspiring future scientists! Thank you for the opportunity to support science education among young explorers!

Workshops, Science Festival, Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw

Our company supported workshops for sixth-grade students, during which they had the opportunity to delve into the mysterious world of microorganisms. Thanks to our specially prepared laboratory plastics, students could conduct research in real laboratory conditions. It is an unforgettable experience that allowed young explorers to expand their knowledge of the microworld and the fascinating role of bacteria.

16th International Congress of the Polish Neuroscience Society

We are happy to announce that Genoplast will be the main sponsor and participant of the XNUMXth International Congress of the Polish Neurological Society. Our presence at this prestigious event will not only enable us to present our innovative solutions in the field of neuroscience, but will also emphasize our commitment to the development of this important field of science. We cordially invite all participants to visit our stand to learn more about our activities and our products.

Ministry of the Interior and Administration of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration

We donated laboratory equipment to the Ministry of the Interior and Administration of the Ministry of Interior and Administration as part of the WOŚP action! Our test tubes, pipettes and falcons aroused great interest, especially among the youngest. We are glad that we could support this noble initiative. Thanks to joint actions, we create positive changes!

Biofeed Bonus Karate Team

We are proud to financially support the talented Biofeed Bonus Karate Team from Starogard Gdański. We are proud that we can contribute to the development and success of young karatekas. Together with them, we create a future full of strength, courage and determination.

Elizabeth Chimney

It is with great honor that we announce our support for Mrs. Elżbieta Komin from the Avalon Foundation, who bravely faces the disease. Her determination and steadfastness are a great inspiration to all of us. Together, we support Mrs. Elżbieta in her fight for health.