Laboratory plastics of the highest quality from GenoPlast

In an era of advanced scientific research, where precision and reliability are key, GenoPlast stands out on the market by offering the highest quality laboratory plastics. Our products, made of selected plastics such as polypropylene PP, polyethylene PE, polystyrene PS, and polycarbonate PC, guarantee not only excellent chemical and thermal resistance, but are also adapted to the specific requirements of each experiment.

From plastic test tubes and automatic pipettes, through Sartorius pipettes with precise tips, to plastic volumetric flasks and plastic bottles - everything necessary in a modern microbiology laboratory can be found in the GenoPlast offer. We especially recommend our microbiology plastics and plastic boxes, which are ideal for storing samples and cultures.

For laboratories looking for solutions to work at high temperatures, our PP polypropylene products are sterilized in a sterilization autoclave, ensuring occupational health and safety. However, when you need clarity comparable to glass, our glass flasks and glass pipettes are an excellent alternative.

GenoPlast is not only durable and reliable laboratory plastics, but also the support of experts who will help you choose the right plastics for the specific needs of your research. By choosing GenoPlast, you are choosing the highest quality and precision necessary to conduct modern scientific research.

Laboratory plastics for genetic testing available at GenoPlast

GenoPlast offers a wide selection of laboratory plastics for genetic testing, which are necessary in every modern laboratory. Our plastic flasks, plastic funnels and plastic desiccators made of high-quality PP polypropylene and PE polyethylene guarantee reliability and chemical resistance, which is crucial when working with genetic reagents.

For tests that require special precision, we offer glass pipettes and plastic pipettes with pipette tips that ensure accuracy and repeatability of dosing. Our primary tubes and Petri dishes meet the highest standards, which allows you to conduct advanced genetic experiments with full confidence in the results obtained.

With the need for sterilization in mind, our offer includes products suitable for use in a sterilization autoclave, such as plastic burettes or sintered filter flasks. Thanks to the use of materials such as PC polycarbonate and PS polystyrene, we provide products with high transparency and resistance to damage.

At GenoPlast, we are aware of the dynamic development of genetics and that is why we are constantly expanding our offer with modern solutions, supporting scientists in their daily work. By choosing our laboratory plastics, you get access to products that will meet your research needs in the field of genetics, guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability.

Choose high-quality accessories and benefit from the knowledge of professionals

choosing high-quality accessories laboratory, you invest not only in the precision and reliability of your tests, but also in the safety and efficiency of work. That is why it is crucial to use products recommended by professionals, such as plastic test tubes, automatic pipettes, Sartorius pipettes and reliable pipette tips that ensure precise dosing and minimize the risk of sample contamination.

Our offer also includes plastic volumetric flasks and plastic bottles, which are necessary in every microbiology laboratory. We provide a wide selection microbiology plastics, plastic boxes and plastic desiccators that meet the highest quality standards. For tests requiring specialized equipment, we offer glass pipettes and products made of PC polycarbonate, which combine high transparency and resistance to chemical damage.

Each of our products, from plastic flasks to plastic funnels, has been carefully selected and tested to provide our customers with access to the best solutions on the market. Take advantage of the knowledge of our professionals to choose the accessories that best suit your research needs. IN GenoPlast you will find not only the highest quality products, but also support and advice at every stage of laboratory work.

Plastic laboratory vessels from the GenoPlast store

Laboratory plastics from the offer Genoplast is a key element of every modern laboratory equipment, ensuring safety and comfort in scientific work. The available products include a wide range of dishes made of various plastics, such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as well as advanced materials such as PTFE, ABS, PMP or SAN. . Each of these plastics is characterized by specific resistance properties - physical, chemical and thermal, which allows them to be optimally adapted to the needs of experiments.

Genoplast's offer includes not only basic accessories such as test tubes, pipettes and pipette tips, but also more specialized products, including laboratory bottles, wash bottles, beakers, graduated cylinders, canisters, spatulas and funnels - see the offer. This diversity of the assortment allows laboratories to be comprehensively equipped with high-quality products that are not only durable, but also safe for samples and comfortable in everyday work. By choosing laboratory plastics from the Genoplast offer, you can be sure that your laboratory will be equipped with the highest quality products, adapted to a wide range of applications and demanding experiments.